Freeze Sleeve - Navy Blue

Freeze Sleeve is the practical 360° Cold and heat therapy for home.

  • FAST PAIN RELIEF for classic complaints such as tennis or golf elbow, tendonitis, arthrosis, bruises, sprains, muscle pain and tension.
  • BETTER REGENERATION after training and competition
  • 360° COOLING OR HEATING WITH FULL FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: Freeze Sleeves cool or warm muscles and joints from all sides with full freedom of movement
  • THE ORIGINAL - USED BY PROFESSIONALS: Users include FC Augsburg, Malaika Mihambo, Hafthor Björnsson, SpVgg Unterhaching and many more.
  • HYGIENIC: The specially formulated cooling gel is antimicrobial, non-toxic and odourless
  • SIMPLE : Freeze Sleeves are easy to don, eliminating the need for inconvenient ice packs, unwieldy ice wraps and multi-tiered products
  • EFFECTIVELY: Freeze Sleeves offer 15-30 minutes of clinically proven cold or heat therapy. Without the risk of burns or skin damage
  • COMFORTABLE: The high quality and super soft neoprene sleeve and 6 different sizes allow the Freeze Sleeves to be worn on all parts of the body
  • COOLS & WARM: Freeze Sleeves can be used for cooling and heating (cooling in fridge or freezer - heating in oven or microwave)

Cooling and warming made easy

Your advantages with Freeze Sleeve

360° coverage with full freedom of movement

Freeze Sleeves cool or warm your muscles and joints from all sides and at the same time allow you to move normally.

Uniquely effective and safe - up to 30 minutes of compression and cooling/heating without risk of skin damage

Only Freeze Sleeves offer the doctor-recommended temperature and duration of cooling and heating with simultaneous compression. The high-quality neoprene cover prevents burns and skin damage.

Hygienic and durable

The scientifically formulated cooling and warming gel is antimicrobial, odorless and does not lose any of its power even after hundreds of uses.

Simple, convenient and high quality

Freeze Sleeves are a breeze to use, eliminating the need for bulky and impractical ice packs and heat wraps. The high-quality neoprene cover is comfortable to wear and remains dimensionally stable over the long term.