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  • The advanced training for kinesio taping professionals
  • 8h training
  • Current scientific knowledge combined with more than 9 years of training experience worldwide.
  • Detailed theory and large practical parts on the three most important core topics
  • Several locations in Germany and Austria
  • Worldwide valid Feel Elite Taping Expert certificate
  • Up to 40% discount on all Feel Kinesiotape permanently after completion of training
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What distinguishes the Feel Kinesiotaping training from others?

What are the latest findings?

Feeling is getting lost more and more these days. Our sensory system (feeling) plays an important role in processing
Information from our environment that is necessary to control our movements and process pain.
Technical progress takes a lot off our hands and exercise is becoming shorter and shorter. However, not only the movement is neglected, but also the activity of the nervous system.

This is exactly where our training concept comes into play.

For us, taping is a tool to support the sensory system of the nervous system, to enable restricted movement patterns and to influence pain situations.

This is our Elite Taping Expert course content:

1. Taping to support the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is the most ignored human system in medicine, sports or everyday life.
Our lymphatic system has the task of cleaning our organism from waste products and forms an important part of our immune system.
Tape in connection with active exercises can support the lymphatic system positively, but you have to understand how the system works.


  • Structure and physiology of the lymphatic system
  • Connection of the lymphatic system to the nervous system
  • Influence of lymph on the brain and its functions
  • Theory of the function of lymph tapes


  • Lymphatic systems for neck, head and neck
  • Active techniques for influencing brain function
  • Lymph systems for acute trauma and operations on the extremities and trunk
  • Tape systems for menstrual problems and digestive problems

2. Affect skin nerves with tape

The nerves that supply our skin are very small and fragile and can become damaged if there is a lack of movement and pain in their skin
plain bearings stuck.
By using tape we can try to influence the mobility of skin nerves and improve the condition
to generate for our patients.


  • Anatomy and physiology of skin nerves
  • Connection between pinched skin nerves and pain
  • Localization of exit points of the skin nerves and typical problem areas


  • Application techniques for entrapment syndromes
  • Integration of the tape systems in active movement tests
  • Integration of tape systems in clinically relevant pain conditions

3. Taping of functional movement patterns

Our movements can be divided into 7 movement patterns. By screening the movement patterns, reduced control or immobility of joints can be shown. By using tape, we can also influence the weak points here and
thereby promoting active movement.


  • Basics of the 7 movement patterns
  • screening methods
  • Integration of functional lines into the 7 movement patterns


  • Active screening of the 7 movement patterns
  • Integration of tape systems in the findings of the screening
  • Test and re-test procedures

The most frequently asked questions about our training courses

No way.
Anyone can lay a good tape system with the right instructions. In our online instructions you will find the most common tape systems with simple explanations.

Do you want to learn more about kinesiology taping beyond home use? Then we recommend ourTaping Introduction On-Demand course.

If all the steps in our guide are followed, Feel Tape will last between 5-7 days on the skin.

Showering or swimming are no problem.

A clear no. Many tape systems can be applied at home, but they do not replace diagnosis and therapy.

For major physical ailments, we always recommend consulting a professional.

Yes, and not only that. Our glue also does not contain any
silicone or zinc.

The Feel adhesive is a medical, hypoallergenic
Acrylic adhesive, also used in high quality medical plasters.

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