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What makes Feel Tape special?

Our tape is widely used in professional and competitive sports. Used for:

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5cm x 5m tape

The classic for all occasions

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5cm x 32m tape

The classic in a professional quantity

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10cm x 5m tape

For wide tape systems

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10cm x 32m tape

For wide tape systems in professional quantities

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Feel Premium Kinesiotape is the new provider of kinesiology tape. Our kinesiotape is perfect for recreational athletes, competitive athletes, professionals and physiotherapists.

Our goal is to make our customers' everyday life better and more pleasant with our kinesiotape, to eliminate their pain and to help athletes and athletes to be more successful or to return to sport faster. Our kinesiological tape is manufactured in one of the most modern factories in South Korea and is a certified medical product according to the EU Medical Devices Regulation . In addition, our kinesio tape is certified for all important ISO standards. These include the important standards for quality management and freedom from harmful substances ISO 13485, ISO 14971, ISO 10993-5, ISO 10993-10.
We deliberately decided to produce our kinesiotape in South Korea, because the quality of the workmanship and the materials used here is many times higher than in the most commonly used production sites for kinesiotape in China. This makes our tape more expensive to buy, but we think the quality is worth it. So we can stand behind our kinesio tape 100% and sell you, the customer, an absolutely high-quality kinesio tape with a clear conscience.

Another big difference to all other manufacturers on the market is that we made a conscious decision to bring sustainability into the kinesiotape market. This makes us a global pioneer! Our product packaging is made from 100% recycled paper , we do not use plastic in the packaging and kinesio tape. For example, we roll our rolls the other way around and can thus save the plastic packaging that all other manufacturers use worldwide. We also donate a certain amount to environmental projects for each roll of kinesiotape sold.
Our kinesiotape consists of 97% cotton and 3% high-quality high-tech nylon. The adhesive used is a zinc and latex-free acrylic adhesive of such a high standard that it is also used in medical plasters. This combination makes our kinesiotape uniquely durable on the skin. Up to 7 days are not only possible but mostly the standard.

Our Kinesiotape is available in many different colors, lengths and widths:

Kinesiotape with 5cm width and 5m length
Kinesiotape with 5cm width and 32m length
Kinesiotape 10cm wide and 5m long
Kinesiotape with 10cm width and 32m length

In addition, our Feel Kinesiotape is also available for most sizes in three different adhesive strengths:

Sensitive Kinesiotape (For children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with sensitive skin)
Standard Kinesiotape (The classic for all circumstances)
Performance Kinesiotape (For high demands on the Kinesiotape such as swimming)

In addition to our high-quality kinesiotape, we also offer various training courses on the subject of kinesiological taping. This training is available as an 8-hour course in various locations in Germany and Austria and is divided into an 8-hour basic training course and an 8-hour advanced training course. In addition, we also offer online on-demand courses on various topics in kinesiology taping.

Become part of the Feel Kinesiotape family. We look forward to you!