Flow PRO massage gun

The Flow PRO massage gun is Europe's leading professional percussion massager. It is perfect for athletes, physical therapists, athletes and anyone who wants to use a truly professional device.

  • 14mm amplitude. Real percussion massage with great depth effect
  • Advanced high-torque brushless electric motor - Ultra quiet. Less than 40 dB volume. Significantly quieter than all other devices in this performance class.
  • Easy operation. 4 scientifically calibrated massage levels including the unique Flow Wave Mode™.
  • 7 massage heads
  • The longest battery life on the market at 5 hours. The battery is exchangeable
  • Very light (1.10 kg). Thanks to its ergonomic design, it always lies perfectly in the hand
  • Only high-quality components. Perfect processing.
  • Unique design in matt black
  • Including transport case

Free delivery, delivery time 2-3 days, 30 days right of withdrawal, 2 year guarantee.

Regeneration technique from professional sports

Your benefits with the Flow PRO massage gun

14mm stroke/amplitude and a 100 watt motor in combination with a low volume of 40 dB make the Flow PRO massage gun unique in the world. Due to the larger stroke, the Flow PRO acts up to 60% deeper into the muscles than conventional devices, while being up to 70% quieter than devices with a comparable stroke. The specially developed brushless motor is so powerful that it does not falter even under the greatest pressure.

Potential benefits of using the Flow PRO massage gun :

• Accelerate and intensify the pre-workout warm-up
• General improvement in mobility and range of motion
• Eliminate tension and gain freedom from pain
• Reduced post-exercise recovery time and elimination of sore muscles
• Improved circulation and faster healing after muscle injuries