Flow MOVE massage gun

The Flow MOVE massage gun is the perfect device for everyone. Regardless of whether you are a beginner, an amateur athlete or a professional, everyone can improve their regeneration and eliminate tension with the Flow MOVE. Due to its high performance at low volume and its compact dimensions, this massage gun is unique in quality and user-friendliness and is widely used and valued in professional sports.

  • Advanced digital & brushless 80 watt high-torque electric motor
  • Ultra quiet - Less than 35 dB volume. Probably the quietest massage gun in the world.
  • 12mm stroke/amplitude (greater depth effect)
  • Easy to use. 4 massage levels including unique Flow Wave Mode™.
  • 5 massage heads including full metal head for massage oil and cold/heat treatment
  • +4 hours of battery life. Very short charging time via USB-C
  • Extremely light – only 750g. Fits perfectly in the hand thanks to its slim design.
  • Only high-quality components and workmanship
  • Unique design. Available in two colors
  • TÜV ISO 9001 tested production

    Free delivery, 2-3 day delivery time, 30 day right of withdrawal, 2 year guarantee.

    Lieferzeit 7-14 Tage

    Neon Blue
    Hot Pink

    Regeneration technique from professional sports

    Your advantages with the Flow MOVE massage gun

    The Flow MOVE provides you with an effective and deep percussion massage at your individual level. The specially developed brushless motor is powerful so that it does not stall even under high pressure. At less than 35 dB, it is so quiet that you can use it anywhere, be it at home while watching TV, in the gym or even in the office.

    Possible benefits of using the Flow MOVE massage gun :

    • Acceleration and intensification of the warm-up before training
    • General improvement in mobility and range of motion
    • Removing tension and achieving freedom from pain
    • Shorter recovery time after exercise and elimination of muscle soreness
    • Improved blood circulation and faster healing after muscle injuries