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If everyday life is no longer possible without annoying pinching or limited mobility due to muscular tension and trigger points, you naturally want to do something quickly for your own well-being. One way to do this is to feel or “locate” trigger points and then treat them accordingly. In this blog article we will explain ways you can do exactly that.

A trigger point can primarily lead to noticeable stiffness in the affected muscle. As a result, it can happen that movements can no longer be carried out to their full extent. When you feel it, you can feel a knot (“hard tension”) in the muscles , which feels particularly painful. If you put pressure on this area, it is possible that a slight pain will occur. You may also notice referred pain elsewhere.

How do I feel/locate a trigger point?

When palpating the trigger points, it is particularly important not to press too hard. Start with light pressure , true to the motto “less is more”. With your fingers lying flat, feel the palpable knots (hard muscles) in the muscles and try to recognize the characteristics described above.

If you have not yet had any experience with kinesiology tape, first test a small piece of tape on an inconspicuous part of the body to check whether your skin can tolerate the tape. Also note the instructions in the instructions included in the packaging.

Let's get started: Place TRIGGin on the trigger point you feel

Now that you have located the trigger point, it needs to be placed using tape.

Depending on where he is sitting, you should get a second person to help. For example, it is simply not possible to place the trigger button precisely on the back or neck and place the tape cleanly. If you now have the second person to help (if necessary), you can instruct them to feel the muscles until you feel your trigger point. This is exactly where the TRIGGin must be placed. To do this, the tape is positioned under tension over the corresponding point so that the trigger button is above the trigger point .

Now the trigger button is where it belongs. However, you can still see the white plateau above the tape. So that nothing can come loose , pull additional tapes over the TRIGGin to increase the pressure on the trigger point . Don't overdo it and dose the pressure at the start so that you continue to feel comfortable. The pressure that the TRIGGin now exerts should not be painful or annoying .

Let the trigger button work

Thanks to the long-term wearing time of up to 24 hours (with good skin compatibility), the trigger button can now work during your usual everyday activities and even overnight. If you get to the spot yourself, you can also occasionally apply a little pressure with your thumb , which also helps to soften the tension.

In parallel to the use with TRIGGin, it is possible to have other therapeutic measures, exercise and activity. All of this combined can lead to a better result.

Source: text and images (Triggin.de)

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